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ENTER Consortium

Project Coordinator: INSTITUTO POLITECNICO DO PORTO - established in Portugal

European partners:

Russian and Kazakh partners:


Instituto Politecnico do Porto
Instituto Superior de Engenharia

Eduarda Pinto Ferreira has a PhD in Engineering Science (2006), a Master in Electrical Engineering - Telecommunication profile (1995) and Bachelor in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (1991). She is Adjunct Professor in ISEP's Mathematics Department where she lectures since 1992 in several programmes and courses. Has co-supervised 2 PhD theses. She was President of the Pedagogical Council between 2010 and 2014. Since 2018 she is Director of the Master in Development Practice at ISEP and an active member of the Student Learning Assessment group of the CDIO. She is member of Academic Program Committee of CSD&M, Paris, 2018. She is Coordinator of Euclides network. She is Coordinator of the Engineering Education Research line at the Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center - ISRC.

Jose Carlos Quadrado is a tenured full-professor at the Porto Polytechnic Institute (P.Porto), where he is currently the Pro-President for Internationalisation.
He holds a BSc in Energy and Power Systems, a diploma degree in Electrical Engineering, Automation and Industrial Electronics, a MSc and a Doctor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computers from Lisbon Technical University. He also holds the Habilitation degree (Aggregation) in Electrical Engineering from Beira Interior University. Served as President of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) for 8 years.
He has vast experience in management of international engineering societies: Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI), International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), Ibero-American Engineering Education Association (ASIBEI), European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI).
Being a former member of the National Bologna Expert Group, he is the past-President of the Portuguese association of engineering deans (APDI2E).
He has been the recipient of international technical awards and scholarships worldwide.
His academic work is mostly related to the fields of renewable energy, electric vehicles, higher education management and quality assurance.

Angelo Martins has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2003), lecturing in ISEP Informatics Dept. since 1993. Currently he is Adjunct Professor. For 10 tears (2008-2018) he was the Program Manager of the Informatics Eng. Bachelor at ISEP. He has leaded the EUR-ACE accreditation of the program. He is currently the Program Manager of the Software Development post-graduate studies program at ISEP. He is an active collaborator of the CDIO initiative, member of ACM and of the Portuguese Engineers Association.
He is the co-coordinator of the Computer Graphics and Information Systems unit of INESC TEC.

Marisa Oliveira has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management (2013), a Master's Degree in Mathematics (2002) and a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics (1998). She is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mathematics at ISEP where she has taught since 1999 in several programs and courses. She was a member of the Pedagogical Council between 2007 and 2009. She was Vice-Director of Systems Engineering Bachelor at ISEP between 2014 and 2019. Coordinator of the winning team of the 3rd Edition of PIPED, Innovation in Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Learning.

Gabriela Goncalves has a PhD in Education Science (2017), a Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Profile Systems (1994) and Bachelor in Applied Mathematics. Branch of statistics, operations research and computer science (1990).
She is Adjunct Professor in ISEP's Mathematics Department where she lectures since 1990 in several programmes and courses. She was involved of several juries since 2013. Member of the team that prepared the math diagnostic test 2018/19. She was researcher at CIEd (April 2013 - December 2017). She is member of the Engineering Education Research line at the Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center - ISRC.

Antonio Cardoso Costa is a tenured full-professor at the Porto Polytechnic Institute (P.Porto), where he teaches at the Informatics Engineering Bachelor and Master levels of ISEP-P.PORTO (Porto Engineering School). He holds a Master degree in Electrotecnical Engineering from Porto University (1985) and he earned a PhD from Porto University (2001) in the area of Computer Science (Lighting Design). During his PhD research work between 1996 and 1999, he published several papers about a novel and versatile lighting design approach in realistic 3D spaces subject to physical and user-defined constraints. His most relevant publication was presented at the 10th EuroGraphics Rendering Workshop (1999, Spain).
Between 2000-2008 he was a security consultant in IPATIMUP, a health/biology research institution. In 1990, he started lecturing in the Informatics Engineering Department of ISEP. He was Head of the ISEP Informatics Engineering degree (2002-08) and Vice-President of ISEP Scientific Council (2008-09). Between 2009-2013 he was member of the General Council of Polytechnic of Porto. Since 2009 he is the coordinator for program accreditation and certification at ISEP. Since 2007 he is a CDIO mentor (ISEP is a member of CDIO Initiative since 2008) and in 2011 he became ACM Senior Member. Since 2009 he is a Security forensic expert for several courts in Porto metropolitan area. Since 2008 he is a researcher in the GECAD unit (bioinformatics, large data analysis and visualization, security engineering). He was member of the Technical-Scientific Council at ISEP-P.PORTO (2009 -2014). He was also Vice-President of Scientific Council at ISEP-P.PORTO (2008-2009). At LEI-ISEP (Informatics Engineering 1st Cycle) he was Programme Director between 2001 -2008. While at this position, the LBEI-ISEP degree got approval from ADISPOR (2003) and accreditation from Ordem dos Engenheiros (2005). In 2007 the new set of LEI-ISEP and MEI-ISEP degrees was accredited by Ordem dos Engenheiros until 2010 and subsequent years. As a Portuguese National Defense Auditor since 2015, he is expected to participate in problem solving in the context of Portugal's National Defense. In 2015 he was approved as an ABET Program Evaluator in the area of Information Technology (CAC-CSAB).

Susana Nicola has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto and a Master degree in Sciences Engineering in Numerical Methods and Parallel Computing at Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade do Porto. She is Adjunct Professor in ISEP′s Mathematics Department where she lectures since 1992 in several programmes and courses. She supervised and Co-supervised master thesis. She was coordinator of the commission for the exams of mathematic for the courses DTESPs and CTESPs in IPP since 2016. She is Team member of the MOOC - "Matematica 100Stress" of IPP, since 2012. She is Team member of "Matematica para todos" of ISEP since 2014. She is author of several articles and chair on several workshops.

Maria Joao Raposo has a PhD in Labor Sciences (2017), a Master Degree in Human Resources Management (2010) and she is Specialist in Human Resources Management (2012). She is an Adjunct Professor in the Management Department at ISEP where she has been teaching since 2000 in several programs and courses. She was a member of the Pedagogical Council between 2008 and 2014. She is member of the Engineering Education Research line at the Interdisciplinary Studies Research Center - ISRC. More than 15-year-experience as Human Resource Consultant.

DTI University
Dubnica and Vahom, Slovakia

Assoc. Prof. Roman Hrmo, PhD., MBA, ING-PAED IGIP is the leading expert in the field of Engineering Pedagogy and Didactics. He is a member of the council for doctoral study program Didactics of Technical Subjects. He developed leading workplaces in academic area, not only educating engineering undergraduates and graduates, but also making the research in the field that resulted in key and internationally cited and accepted publications on engineering pedagogy issues, ranging from its theoretical background, up to the topical solutions of current problems of practice. He has been an investigator in many scientific projects. Currently, he is the Vice-Rector for quality and development of the DTI University in Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia and an office management representative for the internal quality management system. R. Hrmo is a recognized expert at the international level, as evidenced by memberships in scientific, technical and professional societies and bodies, e.g. Member of the Executive of the International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), President of the Slovak Monitoring Committee of IGIP, Member of the Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS), Chair of the Information Society for Training and Education ZSVTS, Member of the Scientific Council of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Doc. Paed Dr. Juraj Mistina, PhD. is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, UCM in Trnava and a Guest Professor at the DTI University in Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia. He has been involved in the development of teaching programmes in English for Specific Purposes in technical fields of university studies in Slovakia. Currently he teaches professional communication and technical English to students of Applied Informatics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Applied Biology and various engineering fields. His research focuses on solving fundamental and applied problems related to e-learning and training using innovative methods and technologies. He published two monographs and co-authored numerous highly cited journal publications, conference papers and book chapters in the aforementioned topics, and has received several awards and grants from various national and international funding agencies. Besides that, he is an expert at curriculum design for specialised EST and EAP programmes for engineering PhD. students. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of specialised didactics.

Ing. Lucia Kristofiakova, PhD., ING-PAED IGIP is a university lecturer with a professional orientation on the didactics. She focused on the engineering pedagogy, quality education core responsibilities in her research. She was a coordinator of several research projects (APVV, KEGA, VEGA, ESF). She works as an internal quality auditor in DTI University in Slovakia. She is a Secretary in the Informatics Society for Engineering and Education of Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies (ZSVTS) and a Member of the Commission of Science, Technology and Education ZSVTS. She is a Deputy Head of the Department of Didactics of Technical Subjects at the DTI University and a General Secretary of the Slovak IGIP Section.

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)
School of Engineering
Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Estonian Centre for Engineering Pedagogy
Tallinn, Estonia

Assoc. Prof. Tiia Ruutmann, PhD, MSc (Eng), Diploma Engineer, ING-PAED IGIP is the leading expert in the field of Engineering Pedagogy and STEM Didactics. She is the Head of Estonian Centre for Engineering Pedagogy at TalTech and a programme director of the Master programme of a Vocational and Technical Teacher education. She is the author and co-author of numerous scientific articles. Her field of expertise is Engineering Pedagogy, Faculty Training, Curriculum Design, STEM Didactics and Methodology etc. She is a visiting professor at Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnical University, Russia.
Tiia Ruutmann is a Member of the Executive Committee of the International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), President of International Monitoring Committee of IGIP, and Secretary General of IGIP Estonian Monitoring Committee, IEEE-EDUCON Advisory Board, and Nordic-Baltic Network in Higher Education Development.

Reet Neudorf, Diploma Engineer, MSc. Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Centre of Estonian Engineering Pedagogy, specialist of continuing education in engineering pedagogy, advisor and economist of international education and statistics. She has participated in working out Estonian Standard Classification of Education based on ISCED. Participation in working group for working out concept of creating a national occupational qualification system. Coordinating the work of Estonian Eyridyce Unit. Management and coordinating of educational projects.

Liina Reichmann, PhD, ING-PAED IGIP is an expert in the field of Engineering Pedagogy and STEM didactics. She is a lecturer of Estonian Centre for Engineering Pedagogy at TalTech. Her field of expertise is Engineering Pedagogy, STEM didactics and Methodology, Curriculum Design, Faculty training. Liina Reichmann is a member of IGIP and a STEM teacher at gymnasium.

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University
Tomsk, Russian Federation

Yury P. Pokholkov - Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, is a world-known scientist. The head of Educational and Research Center "Management and Technology of Higher Professional Education", Tomsk Polytechnic University. Yury Pokholkov worked as a Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) from 1990 to 2008. His managerial expertise led TPU to gaining world-wide recognition and integrating in international education community. From 1999 to present day Professor Pokholkov holds a Presidential post in Association for Engineering Education of Russia. Core research activity focused on the problems of engineering education development and university management system improvement. In 2007 Yury Pokholkov has initiated the foundation of the TPU Department of Management and Technology in Higher Professional Education, has developed and executed Master programs majoring in "Management in the sphere of education and science", "Innovation in Higher Education", MBA programs "Management in science and education", as well as a number of professional development programs for university staff, faculty and administrators. Prof. Pokholkov has developed and executed in practice the methods for educational programs' quality assessment, has modernized the criteria for educational programs' quality assessment. Also he has proposed and executed the methodology for activation of students' involvement in educational process, including the "Expert seminar" technology. Yury Pokholkov has developed and applied the methodology for comprehensive development programs' formation for scientific and educational establishments, formulated scientific approaches to the formation of a National Doctrine of Engineering Education of Russia and identified principles for ensuring competitiveness of HEI graduates, HEI educational programs and technical HEIs.

Olga Ponomareva - Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Educational and Research Center "Management and Technology of Higher Professional Education", Tomsk Polytechnic University, PhD, has vast experience in coordinating international academic activities (ex-deputy head of the Department for Management and Technology in Higher Professional Education, ex-deputy head of the Department of Educational work and Socialization, Institute of International Education and Language Communication, TPU). Research activity focused on the problems of engineering education's monitoring and quality improvement.

Maria Chervach - Assistant Professor and Manager of Educational and Research Center "Management and Technology of Higher Professional Education", Tomsk Polytechnic University. Postgraduate degree in Theory and Methods of Higher Education, Master of HEI Management, Bachelor of Management. She is currently preparing a PhD thesis in “Management of Social and Economic Systems”. Areas of research: quality of engineering education, PBL and interactive learning, competence-based approach to engineering education, HEI management and HEI competitiveness. Has vast experience in project management, organization of scientific and educational events, as well as international cooperation.

Kazan National Research Technological University
Kazan, Russian Federation

Farida Shageeva has a PhD in Engineering (1987), and a Doctor of Science in Education (2009). She is a Full Professor, the Chair for the Department of Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology, and the Dean for the Faculty of Minor Degree Programs for students. She was awarded the "International Engineering Educator ING.PAED.IGIP" title and the "Honored Worker of Higher Education Institutions of the Russian Federation" title. She has supervised 5 PhD students. Her research interests include training university professors in new teaching techniques, the use of modern educational technologies at the university, minor degree programs for the university students, and etc.

Mansur Galikhanov has a PhD in Engineering (1999), and a Doctor of Science in Engineering (2010). He is a Full Professor at the Department of Technology for Processing Polymers and Composite Materials. At the same time, he is the Acting Director for the Institute of Additional Professional Education, and Dean for the Faculty of Professional Development for the University Professors. He was awarded the "International Engineering Educator ING.PAED.IGIP" title. He has supervised 7 PhD students. His research interests include electrets based on polymer composites, applying electrets for consumer goods. At the same time, he does research related to professional development programs for university professors and people from industry, and to other issues of engineering education.

Tambov State Technical University
Tambov, Russian Federation

Elena Mishchenko - Dr. of Ec. Sc., Professor; Vice-Rector for International Activities. Research topics are - quality management of educational institution. Coordinating Tambov State Technical University international activities, international strategy development, developing the university program of language training and administrating international activities. The career of Vice-rector for international activity is connected with engineering students training. Deep knowledge of engineering education in Russia and abroad. Rich experience of international projects participation, participated in 7 TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ projects. About 100 publications in engineering and international education. Has a diploma of International Society for Engineering Pedagogy.

Konstantin Briankin - Dr. of Tech. Sciences, Professor, Head of educational department of Tambov State Technical University. Topics of research - chemical technology processes and devices, organic chemical technology, chemical production equipment. Professor of the department "Chemistry and chemical technologies". Has more than 100 publications, including 14 educational and methodical works, 3 monographs and 5 patents for inventions used in pedagogical practice.
Participated in the TEMPUS project EQUASP - "On-line quality assurance of study programs"

Don State Technical University
Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Elena Chernysheva - PhD, the Chief of International Project Management Department. She has experience in preparing project proposals within the European Commission programmes Tempus and Erasmus+, has strong knowledge in the area of:
- project management,
- general coordination of international activities in the university, student exchange programmes and organization of international academic mobility.
She participated in various international conferences on modernization of higher education and organized plenty of round tables and training courses. She successfully participated and was the contact person in the TEMPUS and ERASMUS + projects proposals preparation.

Natalia Gasparyan, manager of the International project management department, holds university degree “Teacher of English and German languages”. She has good experience in project management in the field of International trade at such companies as JSC “Gloria Jeans”, JSC “Elegant”, JSC “FM Logistic” etc. Since 2015 she is coordinating work in the frame of international educational projects in DSTU. She participated in the workgroups of such Erasmus+ programme projects as COMPLETE and EurDiQ. She has passed the following advanced training: “Quality Assurance as a key to European and Russian education system integration”, “Mechanisms for education quality assurance: European trends, formats and technologies”, “European approach to study programmes design” etc. She has participated in the international seminars and conferences on capacity building in higher education.

Ksenia Yasko is the expert of the International protocol and partnership center. She has solid experience in international events organization and management and in the facilitation of communication within international projects. Furthermore, she has coordinated dissemination activities in 2 Erasmus+ projects, assisting on-site-visits, drafting reports, creating and maintaining project websites and supervising the follow up works.

Sergei Chapek - Chief of Joint Research Laboratory "Engineering technology in medicine" of DSTU. The main functions of which are:
- Marketing and engineering studies for the creation and promotion of new materials, products and diversification of applications of engineering materials science.
- Documentary preparation for patenting
- Preparation of publications on the use of materials of various kinds of medicine
- Conducting seminars and open lectures for DSTU students and stakeholders.
Experienced in the International conference preparation on medical devices and materials science; in preparation of a training manual on medical materials designing; teaching and learning and assessment materials preparation for trainings "Joint computer technologies in bioengineering" and "Corrosion and corrosion-resistant materials", dedicated to the issues of modernization, improving the quality and application of advanced computer technologies during training on health and science occupations.

Association for Engineering Education of Russia
Moscow, Russia

Kseniya K. Zaitseva is AEER Accreditation Center Director, also responsible for AEER international cooperation activities. PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, graduate degree in "Mathematical Methods in Economics". Also holds an International Management degree. Her research focus is in Quality Assurance, active learning and international academic cooperation. Has vast experience in participating and coordinating several TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ projects as well as organizing joint international partnerships in educational and research areas, including national and international projects, conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Nurgaliyeva Kuralay has candidate of science degree on physics and mathematics (2009), Master's Degree in physics (2001). She is an Acting Associate Professor of physics and technology faculty of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Deputy head of Plasma Physics, Nanotechnology and Computer Physics Department for Science, Innovation work and International Relations and since 2012 she lectures disciplines for physicists, electric power engineering specialty and educational specialty.

Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Svetlana G. Karstina has a doctoral degree (2011) and a candidate / PhD (1998) in physical - mathematical sciences in the field of condensed matter physics, and a university degree in the specialty "Physicist. Teacher" (1992).
The author of more than 100 scientific papers in various scientific journals in Kazakhstan and abroad, including the monograph "Fractal luminescence kinetics of organoluminophores on the surface of solid nanoporous adsorbents".
She works as Head of the Postgraduate Education and International Programs Department, Professor of Physics and Nanotechnology Department at Academician Y.A. Buketov Karaganda State University (KSU). In 2016-2017 worked remotely as a professor of the Theoretical and Applied Chemistry Department of the South Ural State University (National Research University) of the Russian Federation. In 2004 and 2006, she was twice awarded the State Scientific Scholarship for talented young scientists, the badge of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For contribution to the development of science of Kazakhstan", the medal of the Honored Worker of the KSU. She has an experience in the Expert Council on Physics, Energy and Physics Teaching Methods of the Committee for Supervision and Certification in Education and Science of the MES RK (2006-2007), Chairman of the Dissertation Council at the University for the Defense of dissertations for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), doctor on the specialty Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (2012). Permanent member of the working groups of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of regulatory documents in the field of higher and postgraduate education, a member of the Academic Council, scientific - methodological and scientific - technical councils of the university. She has extensive experience of participation and local coordination with TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, ERASMUS + projects, implementation of joint international educational and research projects, organization of conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, trainings and training courses.

Minayeva V. Yelena is an assistant professor of the Organic Chemistry and Polymers department of the Buketov Karaganda State University (Kazakhstan). She has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, a MSc in Chemistry with Scientific Writing from the University of Warwick (UK) and a BSc in Chemistry.
Her research focus is in the synthesis of phosphorous-containing organic compounds and implementation of active learning techniques in teaching engineers and improving higher and postgraduate education. She has over one hundred scientific publications; including articles in international journals with Thomson IF. She is an author of the textbook and electronic textbook on Organic Chemistry in English.
Minayeva Ye. is an executor of the republican scientific project AP05133718 "Synthesis, structure and biological activity of new water-soluble polyoxysteroid derivatives" in 2018.
Minayeva Ye. is an executive secretary of the "Bulletin of the University of Karaganda-Chemistry" journal included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index database on the Web of Science platform.
In 2016, she took advanced training courses on the "Learning and Teaching in Higher Education" program at the Newcastle University (United Kingdom).
She has been the recipient of state scientific scholarships for talented young scientists in 2008 and 2017 and FCO/OSI Chevening/ The University of Warwick scholarship in 2008.

Kazakhstan Association Of Engineering Education
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Omirzhanov Yesbol holds the position of Secretary General of Kazakhstan Association for Engineering Education KazSEE. He also holds position of Director of the Center for Accreditation and quality of educational Program al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
He has BC in jurisprudence at Kazakh Humanitarian Law University; Master degree and Candidate of Jurisprudence he got also at the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University. He got internship at the Birmingham University. He is an Associate Professor.
He worked in 2003-2004 as a teacher of Kainar University, 2004-05 senior teacher of Kazakh Ablay khan University of International Relations and World Languages, 2006-2011 associated professor of Kazakh National pedagogical university, 2011-2014 associated professor of SDU, head of law department, since September 2014 associated professor of al-Farabi KazNU.

Vyatka State University
Kirov, Russian Federation

Elena Syrtsova - PhD, associate professor, director of VyatSU's Institute of continuing education for Russian and foreign citizens. She maintains disciplines "The Sociology and psychology of management", "Psychology and pedagogics", "Management". She has 73 publications including 8 textbooks and 49 scientific works used in teaching practice. She is the author of the books: "Distance educational process: the nature, structure, organizational features", "Distance education: organizational features in primary, middle and senior schools" and others.
Research interests: management of educational quality, implementation of network and e-learning, distance education technologies applied to additional professional education, international relations.
Some professional achievements:
1) successful leadership of the RF President's program "Management", in 2014 the program took the 2nd place in Russia on the quality of implementation;
2) professional-public accreditation of the RF President's program "Management";
3) development and implementation of joint study programs with international partners (Heihe University, Huanggang University and others).

Tatiana Murina - Chief of Department of additional education and international cooperation. Graduate degree in "Philology". Has experience in participating in scientific and educational projects.
Some professional achievements:
1) 21 programs of professional retraining, more than 150 programs of additional professional education has developed and implemented;
2) the winner of the competitive selection of Executive educational programs in the framework of the RF President's program of engineers training (in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016).

Association for international education support "Bologna club"
Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Dr. Svetlana Shvedova has been the President of Bologna Club in Russia since its establishing in 2010. Dr. Shvedova is the Higher Education Reform Expert in the RF as well as the representative of Russian Federation in the Bologna Follow-up Group.
She has performed as the local coordinator of international initiatives AHELO (Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes) and CDIO.
Dr. Shvedova has great experience of management committee membership of Tempus, Jean Monnet and Erasmus + projects and has initiated vast number of international events and activities. She has also provided her expertise in numerous projects in the field of business-oriented and in-company training, internationalization of education, validating of non-formal and informal learning, etc.
Svetlana Shvedova is the author of 50 monographs, articles, textbooks and manuals, written in Russian and English.
Awarded with Certificate of Honor by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF.

Dr. Irina Maevskaya is the executive director of Bologna Club since 2015. Dr. Maevskaya is also the European Higher Education Expert within a project called "Enhancing the attractiveness of European higher education in the world" under Academic Cooperation Association (ACA).
For the past 5 years she has been the steering committee member of 6 TEMPUS and 2 Erasmus+ projects.
Dr. Maevskaya is the author of 42 research papers and a member of the editorial board of annual digest "Informational and Communication culture: science and education"
Currently she is involved in research in the field of digital education and blended learning.